More than the most popular food at the Central of Thailand, we still have tons of different types of food for you to try out. In Thailand, the most interesting activity to do is to try out different Thai cuisine such as 4 Food Regions of Thailand.

Northern Thai Food - Kao Soi

Northern Thai Dishes (Thai Food Region)

The most popular food in the world is in Bangkok where you can find Royal Thai dishes everywhere here. The food in the Central of Thailand has 4 flavors in most dishes and some menu has been influenced by different food cultures which will make you interested to try more Thai food!

Isaan Thai Food - Papaya Salad

Isan Thai Dishes (Thai Food Region)

Come to the east side of Northern Thailand, First opposite is that Isan people love Spicy food and Salty. Most of the dishes taste very spicy and salty, it’s where Som Tum comes from, and to have the best Som Tum, you only need to have it from Isan people only!

Pad Thai

Central Thai Dishes (Thai Food Region)

If you go visit Chiang Mai province, one thing that you can miss out is Original Northern Thai food. Northern Thai food in Thailand is very interesting and tasty. In Northern Thailand, They mostly eat Chilli paste with fresh vegetables. The food from the Northern is pretty oily and sweet.

Kao kluk

Southern Thai Dishes (Thai Food Region)

The centre of spices is from Southern! Most of the food here has influenced by Thai Muslim. Most of the food here will contained spices and the taste will be sour, salty and spicy. Most of the dishes that you can’t miss out in the Southern is the seafood here!

If you would like to try 4 Food Regions of Thailand, you need to learn a bit more about Thai Food Regions before trying it out so you will see the BIG differences in the food.